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Global container cold chain control made simple

Welcome to Sentient Asset Monitoring Services, your global container cold chain concierge. We bring expert people, processes and technology together to streamline and safeguard your daily operations, with real-time tracking, monitoring and control of reefer containers and gensets, exception alerts, rapid incident response, inspection, maintenance and refuelling services, contractor management and robust reporting. Our experienced services team watches over your reefer container equipment and shipments from origin to destination, using the SentientWatch remote monitoring platform. We compare actual performance to the plan and take action as soon as it’s needed, reducing the risk of costly errors, deviations and breakdowns along your container cold chain. And we co-ordinate the many different parties involved in executing your reefer operations, reducing cost and complexity with unified sub-contractor management, billing, reporting and analytics.

Big data + expert services = container cold chain command

Cold chain network visibility in the cloud

The SentientWatch cloud software platform captures big data from telematics, enterprise systems and manual sources to provide a single window into your cold chain operations. Locate all your reefer assets and check their status. SentientWatch is offered as a SaaS solution, as part of a larger service bundle, or can be integrated into clients’ own enterprise IT infrastructure

Expert remote reefer monitoring

Sentient’s experienced reefer services and operations team will watch, analyse and act on your monitoring data 24/7 or just when your own staff are not available. We’ll safeguard your cold chain operations with remote temperature corrections, exception alerts and rapid incident response to address equipment malfunctions, unplugged reefers and other critical issues

Service contract management

Managing the movement of reefers and associated equipment is complex. Every shipment depends on multiple 3rd party service agents, subcontractors and other parties. Sentient simplifies your life with unified sub-contractor billing, reporting and analytics. We reduce your operational complexity and give you better insight into your service agent performance and costs

Emergency response and reefer services

When you need to fix a problem urgently, we’re on hand with expert reefer repair personnel and mobile equipment to deal with your emergency. Sentient can also provide regular services including reefer container inspections, scheduled maintenance and repair work and genset refueling

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